"It makes a big difference. She’s a new dog now.”

9 year old Margie is a rescue dog that has been living with her mom Julie for the past 6 years. This sweet Bulldog came from a rough situation, and because of that, she was very tense, stressed out, and defensive. Julie wanted to find something for Margie that would help her relax and cope with external stressors.

What in Margie’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“The first time I noticed her nervousness with certain things was a laundry basket. I was coming up the stairs, she was in the bedroom, and when I walked in with that laundry basket I thought she was going to attack me. I had to start warning her, ‘head’s up, I’m coming in the room, I’ve got the laundry basket’ and we really had to work around that.”

Not only was Margie freaked out by simple things like laundry baskets and hangers, the doggo was also apprehensive about being around other dogs.

“We also were told that she was never to be in a house with another dog because of her defensiveness. We have rescued another Bulldog and they get along. They maybe aren’t the best of friends, they’re sisters who have their moments, but they live happily together. They co-exist and that’s what matters the most, you know, that they’re living their lives and they’re spoiled.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I’ll be honest, we did use some other CBD brands before finding out about you guys. I was in a dilemma where they said they couldn’t ship it to me. We did think it was making a difference for her so I had reached out to the neighbors in the little social group and was like ‘does anyone have suggestions?’ asking where else I could go."

"We do try to support U.S based products and I had a neighbor who was using your product for her senior dog who had just passed away and she’s like ‘I can give you some’ and it was the drops. She’s fine with drops too but we kind of like the treats. It makes it more fun."

"So she had given me the drops and I noticed Margie was even better. I saw even more of a difference than I had noticed prior so that’s when I started researching more and found out about the treats, got the treats, and started this regiment which we’ve been on for a while now.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“She’s a new dog now.”

“I would say it was probably a good two to three weeks in. I think it was just kind of one of those moments where we were hanging out in the living room. It was just the way she was acting and we were like ‘it seems like she’s a little bit better’. She didn’t seem stressed or anything like that. We were all just hanging out like one big happy family and she was totally happy with that. That’s when I kind of clicked and was like ‘let’s keep up with this.'”

Not only have the Calm Soft Chews helped Margie find her chill, they are also helping her sleep a lot better than she used to.

“I think this new regiment of giving it to her in the morning and the evening has really helped. I think that that’s keeping it more even throughout the day for her. It makes a big difference. She’s a Bulldog so she likes to sleep, but she sleeps really nicely now, where before when she slept she’d get startled easy, things like that. I think that’s why it helps giving it to her at night with supper.”

With all the chaos going on around us, Julie wants to be prepared and ensure that she is never left without her Honest Paws products.

“With the pandemic going on, and the way things can get kind of crazy with shipping, we went ahead and added on the oil just to keep a back stock because we don’t want to get in that situation where she doesn’t have this product that helps her live a good life right now. We always want to be prepared.”

Because of her traumatic past, Margie was a stressed out and defensive dog. Her stress levels were through the roof and it was hard for her to let her guard down, even around her humans. Now however, she has found her chill and gets to live her best doggo life!

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