“His overall quality of life has just improved tremendously.”

Blue is a 12-year-old mutt. The terrier mix was having mobility issues, and was experiencing some severe discomfort. His mom Jordana was set on finding something to help improve her furchild's quality of life. Here's more about her journey and how she found Honest Paws. 

What in Blue’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“Things started to really escalate this year and it got to the point where our poor dog, was having trouble with the stairs. He would whine at the base of the stairs and had a lot of challenges with going up and down. It was to the point where we were really concerned that he was going to fall down the stairs. He would get a few steps up and just get discombobulated and have challenges.”

Blue’s mom took him to the vet, who then explained the reasons behind Blue’s mobility issues. There was a care plan they could follow, but Blue had underlying issues that meant the care plan would do more harm than good. Besides, there were so many elements to the care plan that it became difficult to coordinate everything.

“This is something that was really hard to put into a daily routine. After three or four days I realized that this was just not going to be the path forward for success.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I started researching alternatives. I really wanted to find something all natural and that’s how I came upon Honest Paws. I was immediately flabbergasted by the blogs and the comments that people had and I knew this was something that we certainly wanted to try.”

A Google search had led Joanna to Honest Paws. The comments and reviews said all the right things, but it was one simple ingredient that sealed the deal. The Mobility oil contains turmeric. As we’ve mentioned, Blue had some other issues, and it just so happens that turmeric does wonders to help with them. She also added:

“For me it was the whole package. It was not only the testimonials that were just above and beyond the things that I could have wished for my own dog, but it was also the mission and how the company came to be."

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“We were sitting at the dinner table, and of course he’s sitting there begging, and I was just looking at him and I said ‘is it just me or am I seeing a real difference here in him’. I think his eyes are brighter, I think he’s got a very different temperament associated with him."

"Everybody at the table agreed that he was better. I wish we’d kept track of just how quickly it had worked, but it was certainly within a couple of weeks. We thought ‘should we be pinching ourselves? Is this for real?’ We all dread the day that our dog's demise begins so it was just so rewarding to see that we’ve got plenty left of his life.”

Blue went from a doggo that was constantly experiencing discomfort to one that could go about his way and life his best life. The change surprised Joanna and the impact of the CBD oil had definitely exceeded her expectations.

“We were just incredibly overwhelmed with how the Mobility oil not only helped his mobility, but we really saw a complete change in the dog. He became his vivacious self. He not only gets up and down the stairs just fine now, but he is really more inclined to want to go for walks and we’re back out in the woods on a routine basis.”

Jordana was blown away by the Mobility oil. So much so that she wishes she had found it sooner!

“It kind of got me thinking, this poor dog, if only we had known about Honest Paws earlier. We probably would have started using Honest Paws years ago. It’s just been a tremendous success story. We’re so thankful that we found you and that you’ve really given our dog the best quality of life in his senior years.”

On a final note, Jordana commented on what she loved the most about owning a senior dog:

“We just think he gets cuter by the day. It’s almost like it is with grandparents. You just cherish the fact that they’re this old, wise being and they’ve got their own ways.”

And there you have it. Another happy tale of success. Blue is feeling so much better, and is getting up to all sorts of merry mischief with his human siblings.  

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