“He is so, so playful now.”

Dexter is a 4-year-old doggo who still thinks he’s a young pupper.

The poor pup hurt his back a while ago, and his mom Jamie became very worried when she saw just how much discomfort Dexter was experiencing.

Jamie wanted to find a good alternative to other care plans to help manage Dexter’s discomfort. She found her answer in CBD.

What in Dexter’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Pet parents know their furbabies better than anyone and can always tell when their dogs are having a rough time. This was true for Jamie and Dexter. Jamie could see that Dexter was feeling extremely uncomfortable, and it broke her heart.

“He’s normally very active, but then he stopped running, jumping, and playing with his toys. He didn’t have any interest in moving, because every movement was causing him discomfort. It was very sad. There were just days when we were massaging him and icing him and putting heat on his back over and over and over.”

You know something is very wrong with a doggo when their human has to drop everything and care for them 24/7. Jamie was having to change her plans and make sure that she was always there to keep an eye on Dexter.

“I had been working remotely, so I did have the opportunity to mostly stay home with Dexter, but it was still interfering with everything that I was doing. I would have to stop in the middle of a phone call because I heard Dexter cry. Or I would have to cancel going to dinner with my husband because I didn’t know how long Dexter would be comfortable. I needed him to try to stay still because sometimes he’d get a little spunk and run and then hurt himself again. It was keeping me home more than I needed to be and keeping all of my attention on him.”

What were your initial thoughts about giving Dexter CBD?

There is often a fear of the unknown. Many people are very skeptical when they hear about CBD for pets. There is a misconception that CBD oil can make dogs high, which is probably what frightens many pet parents off.

Luckily, Jamie had done her homework and found through her research that CBD oil was perfectly safe for dogs.

“I really had some people in my ear saying CBD was going to make the dog high, and I know that’s not true because I did the research before I purchased it. That was really the only skepticism. I was just kind of watching his behavior after he took it. He was a little sleepy at first, but then once he would wake up, he was just ready to go and so excited. That was awesome.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products in particular?

Investing in a high-quality product is always important, but it doesn’t hurt if the price is nice too. The reviews said all the right things about Honest Paws CBD products, but for Jamie, the fact that she found a budget-friendly option was a big bonus.  

“I was thinking about CBD because of some tutorials I watched on social media. I really was looking for a company that would provide the CBD that I was looking for at a cost that wouldn’t break my bank. I did all of the research, I looked at all the ingredients, everything was equal, but the price [for Honest Paws] was what I could afford, so I went with it.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“Dexter is a playful dog. He is only 4 years old, but he still has puppy moments. He loves to play with toys, and there was just this long period of time when he had no interest in it. He didn’t want to chase them. He didn’t want to chew on them.”

It only took around one week of giving Dexter Honest Paws Mobility for Jamie to notice a change in his behavior, however.

“He kind of knocked over his toy box and dug in. He was looking for a certain toy, and he was just energetically playing with it, and I thought, ‘I think he’s feeling really good.' It was so relieving, and I was so optimistic.”

Dexter is a young pup at heart, and when he hurt his back, he lost that youthful spark because he was too uncomfortable to move.

Luckily things have turned around for him, and he can once again live his best, most carefree life.

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