"She’s at the point where she’s able to play with the other Doberman that I have.”

Gena, owner of Moonkist Designs in Greer, South Carolina, where she specializes in handmade jewelry influenced by historical design and nature, is a work-from-home dog mom to a four-year-old rescue doggo named Gypsy, who has quite the rescue story. She was rescued from a backyard breeder. It really was an infuriating and sad situation.

In the rescue mission they found around 150 dogs who had not been treated well at all. When Gypsy came to Gena, the little pupper already had some health issues.

What in Gypsy’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Gypsy had inhaled a piece of food, which then turned septic and caused her to develop breathing problems. For a whole six months Gypsy was on a care plan to help her get better, but even after all that time things weren’t going very well. On top of her health issues, Gypsy’s rough start in life had made an impact on her behavior and emotional disposition.

“She did recover, but because she did not have that early training and early socialization that you want to give a puppy, she’s always been a bit clingy. She’s always been a little high strung and she gets nervous. It’s been a really long road with her."

"A few years ago she started chewing on her ankles and she started gnawing on her ankle bones. She actually has scars where she was chewing to the point where she was causing herself damage.”

When Gena picked up on this new behavior, she took Gypsy to the vet. The vet found that Gypsy was having issues with her joints, which was causing her discomfort. Gypsy was put on a care plan but she was still uncomfortable to the point where she was gaining weight because she wasn’t moving around much.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

The care plan Gypsy was on was not sustainable and could cause long term damage to a puppy.

“They told me at the time this care plan could cause bone damage, damage to bone growth, damage to joints, stiffness, and discomfort in later years. I went ahead and chose that because it was either that or not have a puppy. It was either have a stiff puppy or a stiff dog later, or not have a puppy at all and I had gotten quite attached to her. She’s a bit of a monster but she’s my monster.”

Gypsy's care plan was causing her to gain weight, and the weight gain was causing even more problems, so Gena decided to make a change and try something new. Namely, Honest Paws.

“I was talking to a friend of mine who had been a vet tech, and she says ‘well, have you tried this?’ She recommended your product because of the fact that you guys do the break down, you show how everything is, and she said it really does seem to be the best on the market in terms of you being able to see what’s in it. That makes me feel good, I like to know exactly what I’m giving to my dog.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“She’s a lot happier.”

“She’s had about a year now where we get your product every month. She is a very different dog once she’s more comfortable and once she’s more calm, and she’s much more able to deal with her environment.”

Things were looking up for Gypsy. Gena could see big changes. After years of trying, Gypsy was finally doing much better than ever before.

“I’m seeing a change. She’s at the point where she’s playing, she’s able to hop up on the couch, and she’s able to play with the other Doberman that I have.”

Not only was Gypsy feeling better, but Gena was filled with relief when she had finally found something that could help her pup live her best life.

“For us it’s kind of one of those situations where we’re just very very happy that we’ve found this alternative, and we’ve found this way to kind of give her this new chance at life that she wasn’t going to get."

It’s been a long journey for Gypsy. It’s so unfair that she struggled for the first years of her life, but she is finally able to leave all of those problems behind her and ready for her turn to lead a happy and healthy life. Like every doggo should.

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