“In less than a week, she went from hardly moving to running.”

Donna and her husband were looking to adopt a Boxer, and as fate would have it, their neighbor showed them a picture of a Boxer that was living in an animal shelter.

Katie Sue was no spring chicken. She was around 10 years old, and Donna knew that a dog that old had a slim chance of getting adopted.

Luckily, Donna and her husband decided that they wanted to be the ones who gave Katie Sue her FURever home.

What in Katie Sue’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

Donna knew when she brought her home that Katie Sue was not the youngest doggo. It didn’t take long for her to realize just how severely old age was impacting Katie Sue’s quality of life, though.

“With the age, she was obviously lethargic. Sometimes, her rear legs would just sort of collapse under her. She seemed very uncomfortable to the point where she wouldn’t get up. We’d sort of have to help her get up and she was super stiff. You could just see how she was just hesitant to move.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“I did a lot of research. I sat on the computer for quite a while trying to find a company that seemed caring. Honest Paws sounded like a family store, not just some company that wanted my money and that promised me the moon for my animal. I read a lot of reviews, and your company is the one that was caring. You care about the pets, you care about the pet parents. Plus, the products are organic and the ingredients are all-natural. Made in the USA is very important to us, too, and so we loved that it was local.”

Donna had actually bought Honest Paws Mobility CBD for her last Boxer, but never got the chance to give it to them because sadly the Boxer had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

However, Donna knew when she adopted Katie Sue that she wanted to give Honest Paws a go right off the bat.

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

It didn't take long before Donna saw a massive improvement in Katie Sue’s mobility.

Her once stiff and uncomfortable dog was now acting more like a puppy than a 10-year-old Boxer!

Not only was the Mobility CBD helping Katie Sue to feel more comfortable, but the Boxer was also starting to really enjoy life again.

“I’d say after roughly three or four days, we started noticing that she wasn’t as stiff, and she was also able to stretch, which she couldn't really do before because she was just so uncomfortable. But after three to four days of giving her the oil, she stretched. It was just this comfortable stretch, and she didn’t fall. That’s when we thought, ‘Wow, she’s feeling better-- let’s keep this up!'"

As more time passed, Katie Sue's transformation became even more noticeable. “She went from an ancient dog with a lot of difficulty moving to this springy, happy dog who thinks she’s a puppy again. She is just such a joy. She runs, she jumps, she leaps. She still has an occasional slow, stiff way about her, mainly after sleeping on her soft, comfortable orthopedic bed. But she loves her walk, she smiles all the time, she barks, and she just has that playful, bouncy, zoomie type of play that Boxers have. This has been amazing for her, and we are just so thrilled about her having a second chance at life.” 

Katie Sue is now living her best life.

Donna and her husband brought home a senior dog, thinking they were just going to give her a home to be comfortable in for her final years. However, they now have a happy dog with a spring in her step who thinks she is a puppy again. Katie Sue got a second chance at life, and she is now living that life to the fullest.

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