“I’m just really thankful for you folks.”

Cynthia, from Napa, California, has a three-year-old Border collie named Hamilton.

Hamilton is a very good boy with only the best of intentions, but sometimes he can be a little extra with his high energy levels and his tendency to bark at just about everything.

Apart from Hamilton’s nervous disposition, he also has some discomfort in his joints, which is never fun for any pup.

Cynthia had given Hamilton CBD oil in the past, but nothing seemed to work. Luckily, she decided to give it another shot and found Honest Paws.

What in Hamilton’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“We have a dog door, and he’ll go zooming out the dog door and will start barking. I’ll go out to see what's wrong, but I won’t hear anything. Sure enough, though, within maybe two minutes, you’ll maybe hear a siren or something. So he’s not barking at imagined things. Like a lot of Border collies, he is kind of heightened as far as noise sensitivity, and he deals with nervousness too.”

On top of the nervousness and the tendency to bark at just about anything, it appeared that Hamilton was experiencing discomfort in his joints. The poor pup felt the discomfort when he was being brushed, and he also had trouble getting into Cynthia’s car.

“I just stopped brushing him because he didn’t like it anymore. He would actually go and turn with his teeth, he’d lift up his lips, so obviously he didn’t like it. When he had to jump into my car, he’d always hesitate. It’s not that high, and he loves to go in the car, so again, I knew something was a little unusual.”

Hamilton went to the vet to have some other work done and Cynthia decided to have some X-rays taken. That’s when they found out there was something more going on.

“I was able to clarify that he did have some issues and that he had discomfort.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products?

Cynthia had tried various CBD products in the past and had never seen any positive results. Luckily, she hadn’t reached the end of that road and decided to give CBD another go.

“I tried three or four CBDs and actually gave up. Then I had somebody say, ‘Why don’t you try again?’

"So I went and googled again and Honest Paws came up as one of the top five. I just want to say all CBDs are not created equal. In these top five, there were ones that were more expensive, ones that had many of the same qualities, but what I really loved about your products is that the quality is pure, they were sourced wonderfully, and they were also affordable, so they weren’t totally off the market for me."

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

Cynthia had never seen positive results with the CBD products she had used in the past. This time, however, she definitely noticed a change. The once high-strung Hamilton was suddenly able to find his chill and spend peaceful quality time with his family.

“I think it was mainly with the night issues. We could watch TV and Hamilton would settle and curl up to relax instead of constantly bringing his ball over. He's a little obsessive. That was a ‘phew’ moment. We could all relax a little.” 

Additionally, Cynthia found it helpful to use Honest Paws Mobility and Relief products during the day to help Hamilton with any discomfort.

After seeing the positive impact Honest Paws products were having on her beloved Hamilton, Cynthia had a little something to add:

“One thing I want to say to people is that you have to find the correct dosage and type of product. Don’t just stop. You know your pet best. Also, work with the people at Honest Paws because they’re very knowledgeable. I’ve called several times to talk to them and work alongside them, and that’s been very helpful for me, so it’s been wonderful.”

It is always wonderful to hear a success story such as this one.

The Calm CBD oil helps Hamilton, who was always on edge, take his energy levels down a notch.

And between the Mobility and the Relief oils, Hamilton has the tools he needs to maintain healthy bones and joints. Things are looking up for this lucky pup!

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