“It was like he had whole new joints, so it was really great.”

Celestina is the proud dog mom of soon to be 9-year-old boxer-lab Ryder.

Last year something happened that made Ryder lose the spring in his step: he started having mobility issues.

Celestina’s doggo was having a rough time, and something had to be done. After learning what exactly was causing Ryder’s discomfort, Celestina started her journey to finding something to help her pup. That journey led her to Honest Paws.

What in Ryder’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

At some point last year, Ryder had a flareup. "He'd had surgery when he was three years old, and couldn’t walk, but the CBD options at that point weren’t as readily available.”

Because of the flareup from that old surgery, Celestina could clearly see that something was wrong with her canine companion. The poor pup looked like he was extremely uncomfortable and was definitely having mobility issues.

“He was crying, he wasn’t moving, I didn’t know what was happening.”

Celestina took poor Ryder to the vet after his flareup, and they discovered that the problem was that Ryder was experiencing discomfort in his joints.

What made you look into CBD?

Celestina was looking for a good alternative to Ryder’s initial care plan. Luckily, she didn’t have to look too far for an answer. Someone in her family was way ahead of her and had already discovered the wonder of CBD oil for dogs.

“My mom had actually kind of led me to it. We’re from New Mexico, and she was in Colorado a couple of years ago and had just picked some up for her dogs. So she had told me to look into it for my dog.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

Celestina decided to do a Google search for the best CBD oil for dogs, and Honest Paws popped up.

Of course, while the power of Google had brought Honest Paws products onto Celestina's radar, she still had to decide whether this was the perfect product for her and her pooch. Luckily, other people practically made the decision for her.

“It was the reviews. People were leaving reviews and it seemed that everybody was having good results with their pets and so that was what prompted me to go with you guys.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

Celestina had found the holistic option she had been looking for, and all she had to do now was start giving the CBD oil to Ryder, sit back, and wait for something to happen. And something did happen! After two months, it became clear that things were changing for Ryder.

“For two months, I gave him the CBD in the morning and the evening. I would give it to him at mealtime, and I started noticing he was running a lot more and was just more energetic.”

Ryder was on the mend. And although Celestina could see an improvement, there was one moment in particular when she realized just how much the Honest Paws CBD oil had changed Ryder’s quality of life for the better.

“It was when we went to the dog park. My sister was with me with her dog at the dog park. The dog park we go to is multi-level, and so there are different hills and trees that are in little fenced areas, and he was jumping in and out of everything and running laps and chasing other dogs. I though, ‘I haven’t seen him do this in such a long time!’ It’s been years since he’s done that. Normally he’d go to the dog park and say hi to all his people friends and he’d just walk around and take his time and that’s kind of it. This time, he was running around and I said, “He’s got more spring in his step! This is amazing!” 

“Everybody’s shocked that he’s nine years old because he has so much puppy energy and runs around and does everything now.”

There is nothing worse in this world than for a pet parent to see their furchild have a rough time.

Luckily, in most cases, there is something we can do about it.

Celestina listened to her gut instinct and knew she wanted a good holistic option for Ryder. Fortunately, her mom put her onto CBD oil, and she soon stumbled upon Honest Paws products, which helped put the spring back into Ryder’s steps!

This truly is one heartwarming success story.

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