“The relief bites have been wonderful for her. It’s literally done for her what other things could not.”

Bridgette is the proud dog mom of three dogs, one of which is 8-year-old Australian Shepherd, Babygirl. Babygirl has two siblings, a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Aussie. She loves running in the yard with her siblings, but it became increasingly difficult for her to keep up with them. A day of fun in the sun and daily exercise was regularly ending with joint stiffness and discomfort.

“It looked like she was incredibly uncomfortable," Bridgette explains. "She would come into the house and lay down and would have a hard time getting up. Her mobility was definitely limited after she would have a play.”

What in Babygirl’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“We started noticing a problem with her probably a year and a half ago. It got to where, when she went out running, she would end up limping by the end of the day. Then, during this last spring, she was outside playing yet again, and she was limping after playing, but the limp didn’t go away for about two weeks no matter what we did. She limped all the time, nonstop. In the mornings, it was worse after she had been sleeping at night, and it just looked like she was very uncomfortable.

“She would be out running in the yard and all of a sudden, she’d drop, and we would go running out to her. It was heartbreaking seeing her like that. She got to where she didn’t want to go outside, she didn’t want to play, and she was laying around all the time. She was eating and she was drinking, so we knew that she was okay, but we also knew that she was compromised when it came to enjoying her life.”

Babygirl no longer wanted to spend time outside with her siblings although she’d usually want to be in the middle of everything. Her heartbroken parents decided that something had to be done to help their furbaby, and that is when they decided to delve into the world of CBD.

“We decided we had to do something quickly because she just wasn’t enjoying her life. We couldn’t sit by and watch that. She’s got to be a happy dog.”

What made you look into CBD?

Bridgette decided to ask a friend about possible options to help with Babygirl's discomfort and mobility. This is how she learned about CBD products for dogs.

"She recommended a couple of brands. Honest Paws was one of them"

At first, Bridgette wasn't sure what to expect from a CBD product and didn't know to what extent CBD would be able to help Babygirl. “We weren’t looking for a magic pill or a silver bullet. We just wanted something that could maybe give her a little bit more mobility and help her not be uncomfortable.”

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD?

Bridgette started reading reviews on Honest Paws and loved what they had to say.

"I literally read every review on every product you have...Your reviews were wonderful, and I thought, ‘Okay, they understand dogs.’ It wasn’t just a website selling a product just to be a corporation or a business. I really liked the approach on the website. It was obvious that you care about the animals.”

Bridgette also liked the high quality of Honest Paws products as well as the helpful resources available in picking out the right CBD for your pet. “I liked the fact that the products were organic. I did a couple of the product finders too, and that was really helpful to kind of determine what it was that Babygirl needed because I don’t really know much about CBD for dogs. It was great."

When was the moment that you realized the CBD was working?

“The moment that we were really sure that it was working, we had probably had her on the regiment for about five or six days. It was either that fifth or sixth day when she got up and wanted to go outside to play. We have stairs going down our back porch to our yard. Before, she didn’t even want to go down the stairs. We were carrying her up and the down the stairs instead.

"So when she went down the stairs, I’m thinking ‘Oh my gosh, she’s about to hurt herself. This is going to be bad.’ But she didn’t! She went down the stairs, and she started playing with the other dogs. She was being rambunctious, and she looked like a puppy. It was just amazing. She was happy. She came running back up the stairs, and it was kind of like she just knew, ‘I feel better now. I can do this.’

Babygirl’s parents knew that they had found exactly what she needed. She hasn’t slowed down since she’s been taking the Honest Paws Relief Bites and is simply loving her improved quality of life.

Her mom says she is keeping everyone in their place like she always used to do. Like every other doggo out there, Babygirl deserves to have a good life, and that is exactly the life she is living now!

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