“It started helping right away!”

16-year-old Miniature Dachshund Walter was having problems sleeping. He would wake up during the night and become restless and start pacing.

He wasn’t the only one struggling to get some shut eye. Every time Walter woke up, so did his humans.

Walter’s mom Amy realized she needed to find a way to help Walter settle down during the night so that everyone in the home could get some well needed rest.

What in Walter’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“He was having a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. He was just waking up, and the vet described it as cognitive-related because he’s old. He would be kind of confused and he would be upset. He was waking us up every single night, and he clearly wasn’t happy.”

Dogs need sleep just like humans do. The sleep deprivation was having a big impact on Walter, and things were going from bad to worse.

“When he’d wake up in the middle of the night, he’d have this urge to just pace around. A few months ago, he would just pace around, but then he’d start to get stuck in a corner and he’d bark, and we’d have to get up and find him. He’s also deaf and mostly blind now, and he’s got some mobility issues, but he would want to get up and move around, and he wouldn’t settle back down.”

What were your initial thoughts about giving Walter CBD?

“I wasn’t concerned that it would harm him in any way, but I wasn’t sure if it would help. We’d been trying some different things with him to see if they would help, and they didn't."

Amy ultimately decided that it couldn't hurt to at least try CBD. She decided she would test it out for a month to determine if it would make any real difference for Walter.

What made you decide to try Honest Paws CBD products in particular?

“I had done a Google search on the best pet CBD oil, so I really didn’t have anything to go on, but your company was mentioned on multiple sites, and I liked that you were one of the only ones with a specific calm formula.”

It’s very easy to become intimidated when you’re trying to single out the best product from an overwhelming amount of options. However, there were a few selling points that made Amy decide that she was going to go with Honest Paws.

“I liked that you had dosage for specific sizes of dogs, because you never know what the appropriate amount is. You had a small dog version and something for calming that had the chamomile. I know, that’s calming for everybody so I thought, 'Let’s just try it and see if that helps him sleep.'

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

Amy was trying various things to help Walter with his sleep problems. However, the waiting time to see whether those care plan changes would work or not was rather long, so it was a pleasant surprise when Amy saw just how quickly the CBD oil was having an effect.

“We were making multiple changes, but I added the CBD. Everything changed so quickly. We felt like the CBD was really the only thing that could be making that change because the other changes weren’t things that would kick in that quickly.”

Since he’s been taking the Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil, Walter has been sleeping through the night. He settles down at bedtime and stays that way until the next morning.

It’s incredible to see just how quickly the CBD oil started working for Walter. There is no more pacing. No more restlessness. No more getting lost and stuck in a corner all alone.

Finally the whole family, including Walter, is getting the rest they need!

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