“He put his ears back in a playful manner and jumped about half an inch off the ground which was the highest jump that I’ve seen him do in forever.”

Amy’s furchild Pippin, is a retired cattle dog. The Australian shepherd mix is 12 years old and was a working dog through and through. The doggo is perfectly content sleeping in the barn and refuses to become an indoor dog despite an open invitation from his humans.

However hardcore he is, Pippin’s age is starting to show. The poor doggo started showing signs that he was experiencing discomfort and was clearly developing mobility issues. It was time for Amy to step in and find something to help Pippin get the spring back in his step.

What in Pippin’s behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“He has had trouble getting around these days. He’s 12 years old which for his breed is getting up there.”

Amy could see that Pippin was showing signs of slowing down.

“He’s just been really slow lately. He’s uncomfortable in the mornings. He hasn’t played or anything and he’s been laying around the yard.”

You know that mobility issues are getting a dog down when they no longer enjoy going on walks the way they used to.

“Pippin used to be a good companion on our walks. We have three dogs, and since we don’t farm anymore, we try to go on walks a lot so they still get some exercise and get some of their energy out. It’s just to kind of keep all of us healthier.

Pippin had stopped going on walks a few years back. He would try and he’d get part way and we’d feel bad and wait and then he’d come up and he would sit down when he got to us. He’d want to keep going on but he just couldn’t do it. Finally he didn’t even try to come at all."

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

“Our vet recommended CBD in general. He had some in the vet office. I don’t remember the brand and it was really expensive and it was the dropper style bottle. He said, ‘just make sure to do some research online. Look into the manufacturing process and make sure that things are tested by an independent source and give a few brands a try.’”

That is exactly what Amy did. She did her homework and looked into different options and decided to take the plunge. The search for the ideal CBD product for Pippin was a process of elimination. After one failed attempt, she decided to give Honest Paws a go.

“This is the second brand we tried. The first brand didn’t do anything and I almost gave up, but I thought ‘no, we’ll try another brand’ and I came upon these in my search online and tried them.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“We have a younger dog who is two and a half now. She pesters him to no end and he usually just puts his head down and let’s her bother him and keeps going on his way. They both came out of the barn one morning and she pestered him and instead of putting his head down, he put his ears back in a playful manner and jumped about half an inch off the ground which was the highest jump that I’ve seen him do in forever. That’s when I knew that it was actually making a difference.”

It’s easy to give up hope that a product will work if you don’t see results within a short amount of time. The amount of time it takes for CBD to work in dogs varies from one dog to the next. For some it works overnight, but for others it can take much longer.

“Honestly for the first month I didn’t see anything but I had read on your site that sometimes it takes a while for it to work. So I ordered again, and by the end of the second month I was pretty sure I could see a difference but I wasn’t sure whether it was wishful thinking or if it was for real so I didn’t order."

"Then I felt terrible because it really was making a difference and when he didn’t have it, he’d spend all day in the barn. He wouldn’t even come out for breakfast so we’d have to take his food to him in the barn. I felt really horrible so I ordered some more right away and he has not gone a day without his CBD treats since."

It is so wonderful to hear such a success story. Pippin, the retired working dog who spent most of his time alone in the barn, is once again doing happy dances and is enjoying the simple pleasures in life, as any doggo should!

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