“It has significantly changed his life. It is amazing how different he is.”

Boots was a younger dog when his mom Alison rescued him. A while ago, the now 10 or 12 year old doggo started feeling very uncomfortable thanks to pesky seasonal allergies. The poor pup’s coat was covered in itchy spots and he was not having a good time to say the least.

What in Boots’ behavior made you realize something was wrong?

“It was probably back in the end of August or beginning of September when I went to his bed in the morning. I went to go get him up and he was very lethargic, tired, he wouldn’t move, and I was kind of concerned. I was freaking out thinking ‘oh no, what’s going on.’"

"I checked him over and I found, I want to say three different spots on him, and they were just raw. I was like ‘well, it’s allergy season’ so I called the vet and made an appointment.”

The vet had Boots on a care plan, but Alison wasn’t seeing results and poor Boots simply wasn’t improving. Alison found that the care plan was making Boots really tired and wasn’t helping with his symptoms.

“He was digging and digging and digging and would not get up. I took him outside and he would just sit there. He wouldn’t go to the bathroom, he wouldn’t run around, he just would not move. He’s basically my only dog that I have and own, and I was really freaking out for him. It got to a point where he didn’t even come inside. I had to physically pick him up and take him in. “

What made you decide to try Honest Paws products?

Boots was having some issues with seasonal allergies and had been to three different vets but nothing seemed to be helping the poor pup. After all the trial and error of different care plans, it was Alison’s sister who steered them in the right direction.

“I reached out to my sister and she believes in natural remedies and things like that. Me, I was kind of on the fence. I was kind of at my wit’s end at this point and I would just about try anything. And she was like ‘well try this company. My friends use it, their products work really well. Just try it and if it doesn’t work you can always try another route.’”

Alison’s sister had pointed her towards Honest Paws, but she still did her homework before deciding to give Honest Paws a go. 

“I did do some research because I wanted to make sure that what I was giving him wasn’t anything gimmicky. I didn’t want a gimmick product. I’ve fallen for those kinds of products."

"So I did do some research. I looked it up and made sure that the company was verified and trusted. I read through the reviews on the Relief Bites because at first I didn’t really know where to go. She just gave me the website and told me ‘this is what they use’ and it popped up with the oil, treats, and everything else.”

Finding the perfect product for your pooch can seem somewhat daunting. This was true for Alison, but she decided to let the reviews do the talking. 

“I was a little overwhelmed at first so I decided that I’m just going to read through the website, I’m going to read the reviews, and figure out what worked. When I read the reviews for the Relief Bites, I read that it helped dogs with seasonal allergies as well as dogs that are just feeling general discomfort and who aren’t feeling well overall. So I thought the Relief ones sounded like the best of both worlds and if it won’t fix one problem it will at least fix another.”

How could you tell that the Honest Paws CBD products were working?

“It has significantly changed his life. It is amazing how different he is.”

“I bought the Relief treats and at first I was kind of hesitant and I didn’t know if he was even going to like them or take them. He took right to them and within a week his symptoms significantly improved. He’s doing so much better, he has so much more energy, it’s crazy. He’s like a 10 or 12-year-old dog and he acts like a puppy. It was really cool to see.”

Anyone who has ever dealt with seasonal allergies knows that the discomfort is real. It is great to hear that after only one week Boots was feeling better and his overall skin health was improving. Without the distraction of constantly itching, the doggo can now direct all of his attention to living his best life.

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